back when they were tiny | Smith family story

Refreshingly real, and with hearts of gold. Always, always finding ways to improve themselves and help other people. I find myself taking mental notes of things I love about people, and Sean and Jessie's list could go on for ages. 

After trying for 7 years to have kids, they were blessed with these three miracle babies- right in a row. And even though they are completely exhausted, they treasure this time with their little boys and want to remember everything about it. Because (as we all know) with that exhaustion and every other struggle kids bring, they also bring a whooole lotta joy. 

After the session, I got this little note from Jessie: 

Just wanted to say thanks again for today. I’m so excited to have these pictures and memories of my little family, to remind me what life was like ‘back when they were tiny’. I’m already emotional about it and I haven’t even seen them yet! Haha.

After spending the morning at home, we headed to one of the family's favorite places. Savers! The boys think it is the coolest thing in the world to play with the toys while mom looks at clothes, and they even get to pick one toy each to take home. How fun will it be for them to look back on these pictures 10 years from now and remember one of their favorite family traditions?? 

Can you imagine this family sitting around the table 20 years from now and flipping through a book of these pictures? Think about all the memories that will come flooding back. 

And how awesome would it be if you had pictures like these from your Grandparent's or Great Grandparent's lives? Pictures that show you not only what they looked like, but what their lives were like. How they lived, and loved. 

If you've read this far, you might be thinking about how cool it would be to preserve your own family's story this way. Yeah? Get in touch! I'd love to answer any questions you have. If you want to see more, check out this story, and this one.