Oh hey! I'm Stephanie | Salt Lake City, Utah

I find magic in the everyday. 

It's messy. The laundry never ends. Some days I lock myself in the bathroom and binge on chocolate chips. Even the ones I hid from myself.

Our decor is the artwork my kids tape all over the walls, I can't seem to keep my house clean, and pancakes are our favorite dinner. 

But hiding in the chaos are little bits of magic I want to remember. 

Band-aid knees, messy faces, mud cakes.

Piles of picture books, dimpled hands and tight squeezes from little arms.

When I'm aching to pause time I pull out my camera, and behind it I find beauty disguised as ordinary.


But here's the best part. When I look at your life, I see magic there too. Since I'm in the trenches with you, I see right through those tantrums and messes. I see a mama who loves fiercely, gives her all and is surrounded by beauty.

Giving you a gentler perspective on your life is my drive. I love bottling up your most treasured moments. But more than anything, I want to show you that you are enough. Your life is enough. Just the way it is.

I ditch perfection and embrace meaning. 

I'm a heartfelt storyteller. 

I preserve memories. Mine and yours. 


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Let me show you how beautiful your life is.