So Much More

I'll be the first to admit that portraits (the everyone looking at the camera kind) are irreplaceable. Really. I'm not here to say you should ditch them. In fact, I make time for them at every photo shoot I do.  Here is what I AM here to say.

There is more. So much more.

The dimpled little hand holding yours, the knees covered in bandaids, and that dirty little blankie that goes everywhere with your toddler. The way your heart swells with pride when your daughter helps her little sister. The way you hold hands with your love and smile amidst the chaos. Your family's favorite outings. A cozy, lived in kitchen filled with good food and the people you love. When you look at your family at the end of an exhausting day, and realize it is all worth it because your heart is filled with more love than you ever knew was possible.

I want to capture those moments so you don't have to forget them. 

The Cross family recently moved from their home in Salt Lake City. Before they left, Hannah really wanted me to document their family's nightly walk up a beautiful, nearby trail. It was their time to reconnect and enjoy each other after a long, hectic day. She said that this was one of the things she would miss very most about their time living here, and she wanted to remember it. 

Since Hannah is an amazing photographer herself (check out her work here), she had already taken lots of pictures of this pretty place. But this time she wanted to be IN the pictures. She wanted to enjoy the experience and soak up her family one last time before they moved- instead of worrying about getting "that perfect shot" the whole time. 

She wanted her kids to remember that mommy was there too.

My husband was able to come with me on this photo shoot, and made an awesome little film too. After you've caught the film bug, it's hard to be content with only photos!

What are the little moments that you want to remember about your life right now? What are your family's favorite things to do together? What memories do you want to preserve for your kids- and have to look back on yourself after they are grown? 

Get in touch, and let's chat about the best way to preserve your stories.