Saturday Morning Pancakes

"Stephanie! I have been wondering all day what to say... I still don't know. So I will say this: You made me cry! With every click the tears came more freely and my heart swelled. You captured everything I want to remember about my girls, but the words just aren't the same in a journal entry.

You composed, through your photos, the world's best journal entry.

I can't keep my girls from growing but I can keep these images safely tucked away in the pages of a photo book, and on the walls of our home. Thank you sweet girl, your talent will be cherished by our family for years to come. I can't wait to schedule our next session!"

And that is the perfect explanation of documentary photography. Like a family photojournalist, I document your life just how it is right now- so you can remember it always. 

If you are itching to have your own family's story preserved in a beautiful, honest way- let's talk! I can't wait to hear from you.