Zucchini Bread | Kushlan Family Story

Home. That's what spending time with this wonderful family felt like to me. 

It might be because Emily and I grew up in the same little town out in the middle of nowhere Utah, and have been close friends for years. Or maybe it's because I have my own fond memories of backyard gardens and making zucchini bread with my family. Or maybe because of the love and warmth that fills their home. Or maybe even because after this session I got my FIRST ever flat tire, and Emily and Josh came to my rescue and taught me how to change it (aka changed it for me. :D) 

Either way, that's the word that keeps coming to mind. Home. It really is a beautiful word, isn't it? 

When Emily first called me about this session, she said that she takes lots of pictures of her kids, and her husband with her kids, but she doesn't make it into many of the photos. Sound familiar? :) 

She wanted to be part of that story. To be in pictures WITH her family. 

Visual evidence that she was there too. Loving, playing, and devoting her whole life to them.

You might look at your life and see a messy house, weed filled garden, crazy kids, and "boring" life. But what I see is magic. I see those fleeting little moments that tell your story. Your unique, love filled, wonderful story. And hopefully I get to show you that despite the craziness, you are doing a pretty darn good job after all.