5 on 5 | Mud Cakes

Month two of our 5 on 5 blog circle is here! In case you missed it last month, this is where a group of photographers tell a story with 5 images on the 5th of each month. You can see my last one here

When I was little, my siblings and I LOVED playing in the mud. We would tip our bikes upside down and use the spinning wheels to "shape" our mud cakes. I remember being so proud of those masterpieces. 

That's probably why when my girls started turning on the water spigot and playing with mud in our "flower bed" (which is more like a weed bed right now- I haven't mastered the art of keeping flowers alive :P ), I couldn't resist pulling out my camera. 

I finally bought a big bag of bulbs and plan on reclaiming the flower bed, so I'm glad I documented their *hopefully* last time of playing in all that mud. Knock on wood. :P 

And a bonus picture, because when I said "Chloe! Your face is so dirty!" she tried so hard to see it for herself. :D :D

Now head on over to see this lovely story by Melissa Clark, a birth and family documentary photographer in Iowa. 

PS- I had THE HARDEST time choosing which images to share for this post. If you want to take a peek at the rest of them, head over here.