What does "documentary" photography mean? | Also called "family photojournalism" or "storytelling photography", it means un-posed and un-scripted. It means documenting life as it naturally unfolds. Capturing the precious, fleeting little moments that you want to remember most, but are usually un-documented and quickly forgotten. We are so passionate about this approach to photography/ videography because it is the very best way to tell your family's story.

What happens during a documentary family session? | Together we brainstorm and decide on an activity, routine or tradition that is meaningful to your family. Before the session you fill out a questionnaire that tells us all the little things you want to remember about your life right now. Then, keeping these things in mind, we follow you around and take pictures/ video while you do your thing! 

Will we get any posed/ "smiling at the camera" pictures? | Definitely! We totally understand the desire to have those pictures and will gladly set aside some time for a few loosely posed portraits. 

What should we wear? | Most families usually don't go on a hike or play in the backyard wearing matching outfits. So, wear clothes you would normally wear. Wear things you feel comfortable and good in, and that you feel like "yourself" in. We only ask that you avoid big logos or writing on shirts, as they can be distracting and take away from the timelessness of the photos. 

What do I do with documentary photos? | Everything! My documentary photos are my very favorite to hang on my walls in galleries, because they make me SO HAPPY every time I see them. These pictures make wonderful albums, and super great gifts for grandparents. 

What if my house is messy/ old/ small/ etc? | It doesn't matter! Seriously. What matters is that it's yours- and it's where your memories are made. While there's nothing wrong with cleaning up before we come, we can totally work around clutter. In fact some of it just adds to the story. Remember- these pictures are for you. You are not trying to impress anyone, you are documenting your real life for you and your kids to remember.

Do you do extended family pictures? | We do! Our extended family sessions look just like our regular family sessions- except they include the whole extended family. We will photograph the family eating or playing together, and then set aside part of the time for posed group pictures. Contact us for pricing.