Twirling, Pancakes and Bubble Baths

Disney music, twirling, pancakes, bubble baths, swings, adorable giggles, a few tears and a whole lotta love. 

Ordinary days are the most magical ones in my book. 

Press play to see a Saturday morning with the Bair family.

My heart is full of so much love for this family.

I went to high school with Jordan and Courtney and have always thought the world of them. It was the best thing ever to step into their lives for a day and meet their darling little girls.

collage 1.jpg

One thought keeps trying to burst out of my head while I look through these pictures. 

Jordan and Courtney,

You are doing SO much better than you think you are. Even if you think you're doing pretty well, you're doing even better than that. 

You are rockin' this parenthood thing, and this being good humans thing. You're doing all the important things so right. In my humble opinion. :) Thanks for letting me capture a little piece of your beautiful love and the life you've created. 

Wanna know a secret? 

Your life doesn't have to look like anyone else's to be "good enough". 

I PROMISE you it's beautiful just the way it is. And so are you.

Want me to prove it? Book a session! I'll show you the magic that's hiding in your ordinary.

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