Quiet strength

I could feel it the moment I walked in the door. 

Quiet strength. Love deepened through suffering. 

Soft evening light streamed through the window and music played softly while Mom finished dinner (with a few interruptions from the little ones who always want to be near her). Contagious giggles flooded in from the other room where Dad played with the kids.

We chatted, and I tried to take it all in. Everything they have been through since welcoming their sweet little boy into the world, including not one but TWO heart transplants, a feeding tube, and trying to help their non verbal little guy learn to communicate.

Despite it all here they are. Pushing forward, doing their best and giving their all to a little walking miracle and adorable baby girl, and finding so much joy amid the struggles of everyday life. (And don't think I say "adorable" lightly here- I probably babbled on about how cute she was for 3/4 of the session.)

Press play below for a little peak into their lives. Warning: you might fall in love with this little family just like I did. Especially the giggles and waving.

I always feel a bit nervous and full of butterflies when I walk in, but after a session gets flowing I'm in heaven. Talking about life, getting to know new people while keeping my eyes peeled for all the beautiful light and little moments that tell a bigger story. That's my jam. 

Switching between photos and video is my new favorite thing. It's a win-win. You get to see your life in motion (priceless), and also have beautiful photos to hang on your walls and preserve in books (also priceless). 

I love humans. There are so many wonderful people in the world, and for some crazy reason I get to document the lives of some of the best. 

Dying for more emotion and meaning in your family photos? Want to freeze this stage of your life so you can re-live it for years to come? Let's make it happen! Perfect house and calm, well mannered kids not required. I like you just the way you are- beautiful mess and all.

I have a few spots left for Summer, and my Fall schedule is filling quickly, so let's get that session scheduled!