FIVE Things I Probably Shouldn't Tell You

1. I dress in a t-shirt (usually striped) and jeans every day, don't wear much makeup, am not very crafty, and interior decorating is not my forte. Simple is my jam.

All of my crafts turn into Pinterest fails. Not even kidding. Both times I was pregnant with my little girls I spent hours trying to make bows and never used any of them. 

2. I was a drum major in my high school marching band (nerd alert!) and still catch myself directing songs in my head.

3. I laugh way too loud, I'm clumsy, and I give awkward hugs at inappropriate times.   

4. Relationships are everything to me. I love humans! My family and my friends are my world. I fall in love with every family I photograph. 

5. My life is nowhere near perfect. Organization is a struggle for me, my husband is still in school (going on 10 years), we live in a super tiny house, sometimes I have no idea how to handle my kids, and I have a hard time balancing my life and keeping up with everything.

Basically I'm a real person just like you (surprise!) trying to do my best at life.

My motto is "Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful." No, my life isn't perfect. But yes, it is wonderful! I love my life for what it is. 

Why am I telling you all of this? Because who I am is a huge part of my photography. Styled photo shoots and cute props aren't my thing.

Telling meaningful stories of real life through my photos- THAT is my thing.

My favorite kind of people are laid back and happy to just be themselves. They let the kids jump on the bed, wear mis-matched clothes and play in the mud. They want pictures to remind them just how wonderful their crazy life is- despite the imperfections. 

If you're shouting "YES!" right now (maybe jumping up and down a little, it's ok), get in touch! Let's make magic together. 

Photo of me and my girls by the talented Dayna Turnblom.

Photo of me and my girls by the talented Dayna Turnblom.