Welcoming Baby Rigby

Wanna know my favorite part of this session? 

When Scott, the awesome Dad, excitedly called from across the kitchen "hey, come get this! I'm going to see how high I can flip this pancake!".

Well it was a tie between that and all the precious newborn goodness. Oh, and those lively, animated older brothers who are so ridiculously endearing.

 No, actually it had to be the beautiful Mama with a heart of gold who glues this family together.  

She might have felt overwhelmed with her energetic boys and like she was lacking some patience, but that's not what I saw. I saw a mom who takes the time to talk to her kids at their level, help them work through big emotions, and treats them like they are important. Her overwhelming love for them is so visible.

 I always leave her presence wanting to be a better parent. And that's the truth.

Ok, ok, I can't narrow it down. I loved it all. And honestly the fact that I get to hang out with families like this and capture the love in their homes makes me jump for joy every single day. 

*press play to see all the goodness*

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