Good Vibes

Raise your hand if your life is crazy busy.

If you feel like you are rushing from one thing to another, constantly trying to get something done while being distracted by another thing. 

You love your family with everything you are, but sometimes it seems like you just can't quite be enough for them. You feel like you are doing a half way job with everything in your life because you are just stretched too thin. 

Oh it's just me? ;) 

Parenting (especially little kiddos) while juggling work, church responsibilities, friends, etc is HARD. Sometimes it feels good to just admit that. Say it out loud. 

But spending time with this awesome, fun loving, laid back family gave me hope. 

Their life is dare I say EVEN busier than most. They juggle so many responsibilities, and when I asked them how they do it they said "well we aren't doing it well". 

But I'm here to say that YES dear Sato family, you are doing it well. Very well. In fact you are rocking it. 

Stepping outside my own bubble of crazy and spending this evening as a "fly on the wall" following your family around was such a gift to me. 

Photography forces me to slow down and notice the little things. To reveal the beauty in ordinary moments that otherwise go un-appreciated. 

And you know what I saw? I saw you taking time to have fun together. Working as a team, always having each other's back. Loving your kids, and them loving you right back. I saw how you do your best and work so hard for them. I saw a whole lot of love.

Most of all I saw that you are doing so much better than you think you are. 

And because you are, maybe that means the rest of us are too.

So THANK YOU for trusting me enough to let me step into your world for a little while and document your story. Thank you for giving me hope, and reminding me that we are all doing better than we think we are.

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