5 on 5 | Cousins

A few weeks ago my kids, younger sister and I went on a road trip to visit my older sister in Vegas. Her kids are my kids only cousins, so they are always super excited to see each other. 

Our first day there they took us to one of the coolest parks I have ever been to. It was pretty hot (hello Vegas weather), but we all had a blast together! Except for maybe the cranky, hot, tired toddler. ;) 

It's funny how sometimes the simplest things are the most memorable.  

What? There are six you say? Considering I narrowed them down from about 15 favorites, I'm feeling pretty good about it. :P 

Oh! And I was pretty excited that my last month's 5 on 5 story was featured on Beyond the Wanderlust (a beautiful photography blog). You can take a peak if you wanna. :D 

Now head on over to Melissa's blog to see her awesome lensbaby pictures! (Waterloo, IA birth and family documentary photographer)