Fishing with Grandpa | 5 on 5

My brother always says "if you want to remember something, take a picture of it. " 

Well, duh. 

But when I think about it, my clearest childhood memories are the ones my family has talked about over and over throughout the years because we have pictures of them. 

I already see this happening with my kids. They talk about "memories" from when they were babies that are really from the pictures in our photo books. Moments I know they were too young to remember, but that we've talked about because we have pictures of them. 

In a way, I'm writing the story of their childhood for them. The moments I record are the ones we are going to talk about in the coming years, and the ones they are going to remember best.

 And this is definitely one I want them to remember. 

For the last few summers my Dad has taken my girls to a local trout farm to teach them how to fish. This year Madi looked forward to it all winter long. 

My Dad even bought them princess fishing poles this year, which added to the excitement. 

I love how beautiful and serene this little trout farm is.

Chloe was so excited at first, and even caught the first fish. Then a fly landed on her and the rest was history. She just wanted to be held after that. She has a sudden fear of bugs that came out of nowhere.

She asked me "mommy, what if all of the fish flop onto land to fight the humans??" 

I guess bugs aren't the only things she's scared of lately. 

Madi, on the other hand, had the time of her life. She loved touching the fish before Grandpa released them back into the water. She learned how to cast by herself and didn't ever want to stop.

At one point all of the fish were crowded in one spot and Madi blurted out "I'll bet they're all waiting in line for a fish restaurant!" She couldn't stop laughing after that. I love her laugh.

Grandpa is pretty sure he has a new long term fishing buddy.

This picture basically sums up the last 3/4 of the trip. Madi and Grandpa contentedly fishing away while Chloe watches them, whining about how bored and scared she is. 

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I'm so, so grateful my girls have such wonderful Grandparents who are involved in their lives. 

I know this memory will be a treasure someday. 

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And a bonus picture, just because sometimes I like proof that I was there too!

Fishing with Grandpa-3877.jpg