Her Hands

At every session I think 

"What little details will these kids be glad I captured 30 years from now?" 

I mean I think about the parents too, of course. Because what parent doesn't want every detail of their children captured? The huge smiles down to the chubby hands and quirky personality traits. Capturing kids is the easy part. 

But I also think about what the kids will want to remember about their parents. Probably because that's something I can relate to right now.

What I wouldn't give to watch a day from my childhood from an outside perspective. Like peering in through a window. Being a fly on the wall. Ebeneezer Scrooge style. But less creepy. 

Memories are so fleeting.

So in this film, I captured their mother's hands. Because those hands have selflessly rocked, fed, clothed, comforted and cared for this family from the very beginning. 

It's something they might not even think about until they look back years from now and think "wow, Mom's hands look so different now." 

I hope it'll spark a little more gratitude for everything those loving hands have done for them throughout the years. 

This is the third year in a row I have photographed my wonderful cousin's family, and I love watching them grow and change. This year, making both a film AND photos for them was even more fun. 

I can't help but think of our childhood days together, running around hunting for leprechauns and playing "house". It is a beautiful thing to see her now as a real, grown up wife and mother. You're doing an amazing job, Angie. 

If this kind of session speaks to you, let's brainstorm what your own could look like! I have one more opening for Summer, and two more for Fall.