5 on 5 | Swimming

I'm super excited to start participating in a project called 5 on 5. It is a blog circle that features documentary photographers whose passion is telling the stories of our everyday lives. Each photographer will post 5 photos that tell one story on the 5th of each month. So after you're done reading my post, click on the link at the bottom of the page to check out the next photographer! 

My parents recently traded their 100+ year old country cottage for a townhouse in the city (or at least closer to the city). While we all miss the beautiful fields, wide open space, garden and animals, they don't miss the mice and constant repairs. :P 

The biggest perk of their new home (at least in my kid's opinions) is hands down the awesome new pool. It's always hard to say goodbye to a chapter of life, but we're sure having fun making new memories. Now if only Summer would last a little bit longer!

My favorite part of these photos: how much my two year old loves those upside down goggles, even though she can't go underwater yet. 

Oh hey! I even managed to get in the story with a handy dslr selfie. ;) 

Next on the list: Central Florida family photographer Nicole, of Nicole Austen Photography. Go check out her beautiful work! You won't be sorry.