Welcoming Baby Kit

After years of hoping, heartache and loss, Brad and Erin were finally blessed with their miracle baby- little Kit. 

Since this precious newborn stage passes in an overwhelming, sleep deprived haze, my goal was to capture all the little details they wanted to remember. Itty bitty hands and tiny flaky feet, bath time, a meticulously prepared nursery, the adorable outfits gifted by friends (that were already getting too small). All the little things that would help them re-live this amazing time in their lives- over and over again. 

Press play to view the little "fusion film" we put together with a few video clips. My new favorite way to really capture life. :) 

If you are having a baby soon and want that precious time in your life honestly and beautifully documented, let me know! I'd love to preserve those priceless memories for you with a relaxed, in home session.