5 on 5 | Family Night

Monday night is family night. 

Sometimes we learn a scripture story or have a little lesson, but sometimes we mix things up and go on an adventure together. 

Last Monday was a stormy day, perfect for a family trip to the aquarium. 

I could sit on that ledge and stare at the fish for hours. Without kids, that is. They will sit there for about two minutes if I'm lucky.

Sometimes I wonder if their favorite part of the aquarium (or the museum, zoo, or park) is the snacks. Eating goldfish at the aquarium is far more exciting than eating goldfish at home, apparently. 

Madi was scared of this rope bridge for the longest time. Now when she crosses it she repeats to herself the whole way "I can do it. I've been through it. I'm stronger than I know. I can do it." We've been talking about how powerful our words are, and I love that she's taking it to heart. And of course she has to throw a few rhymes in there. 

I always struggle with whether to bring my big camera or leave it at home. Sometimes I get a little bit carried away with taking pictures and forget to be in the moment. The struggle is real! 

I'm always grateful to have the pictures afterwards, but I do wish I would've thought to hand my camera over to my husband and get in a few shots. Hashtag mom life, right? Which is why even though I love documenting my own family, I know how important it is to hire another photographer occasionally so I can be in the story too.

Now head on over to my friend Jenny's blog (a Southern Michigan Documentary/ Lifestyle Photographer) and see the beautiful story she told this month. 

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