Welcoming Baby Carter

"Would you rather do the pictures in a studio?"

"No, let's do it at my parent's house. This is the stage of life we're in right now, and I want to remember it."

This conversation I had with Heidi when she contacted me about booking a newborn session made my heart soar. Isn't it wonderful when your oldest, dearest friends keep popping into your life? Heidi was one of my best friends in high school, and she continues to teach me things, inspire me, and bless my life. 

Austin is in medical school, so after living across the country for a few years they have been able to stay with Heidi's parents for a while before their next big adventure (aka cross country move). 

In this Pinterest fueled world where we all feel the pressure to keep up "picture perfect" appearances, especially when it comes to actual pictures, there is so much beauty and freedom that comes from embracing your life just the way it is. 

And the best part? These adoring, doting Grandparents were able to be included in the session too.

My very favorite part was when Heidi cuddled up next to her parents on the couch and everyone realized that baby Carter has Grandpa's chin, and Grandma teared up. It was such a beautiful moment.

Can you imagine having pictures that really captured what life was like for your family when you were born? The home you were brought to, and the love that surrounded you there? To me, those pictures would be priceless.