Bottle It Up

What if you could step back in time and re-live a day of your childhood? Imagine being able to see what your home and parents looked like through adult eyes, hear the laughter and feel the love that surrounded you. Imagine seeing your mom's hands care for you, or the adoration on her face as she showered you with kisses. Imagine seeing your dad tickling you as you squealed with laughter.  

Now you can give this gift to your kids. 

A few weeks ago I joined the Hales family for an ordinary Saturday morning at home. The sun was shining, the trees were blossoming, and I felt like I stepped into a little piece of heaven within their warm, loving home. 

I created a film and photos to bottle up a little bit of this wonderful season of life for them. Press play and take a little peek.

Britney is a talented photographer and videographer herself, so why would she want someone else to do this for her? Because now SHE is in them. Now her kids get to see the full story, the story that she plays a major role in. 

If you are dying to bottle up the season of life you are in, let me know! My summer schedule is filling up quickly, so let's snag you a date before they are gone.