Welcoming Baby | The First

Spending time with this wonderful little family took me right back to when my first baby was born. It was an unbelievable, overwhelming, life changing experience. That might sound a little dramatic, but that's what it felt like! 

The first time I held my first baby in my arms I was overcome by such an intense love, and suddenly the only thing that mattered in the world was protecting her. Once I was left alone in my dark hospital room for a minute, I couldn't stop sobbing. My husband came in a few minutes later and I told him "I just never want anything bad to happen to her". I'll never forget being overcome by a parent's love for the first time. 

There is just something so special about the first. Your first time having a brand new, teeny tiny, adorable, squawking little thing dependent on you for everything. Your first time sleeping for only a few hours at a time, figuring out those tricky swaddles, dealing with diapers, and stressing over whether they are getting enough food. Your first time kissing those sweet little toes over and over again, and holding your sleeping baby on your chest. Experiencing life for the first time with a big piece of your heart living outside your body. 

I remember so well not being able to take my eyes off of my baby's face. I felt like I could stare at her for hours and never get bored. I saw that same obsessive, intense love in these brand new parents. I was so thrilled to be able to tell the story of their love for their first little baby and document this precious, life changing time for them. 

And my only regret from that cherished time with my first newborn baby? Not investing in professional, documentary style photos. I have cute posed ones, yes, (which I treasure), but I don't have pictures that really tell the story of that time in my family's life. 

Because even though you really do love all of your kids with that same intense love (promise- I've tested it), there is nothing quite like experiencing it for the first time.