Mommy and Me

Do you remember your favorite thing to do with your mom when you were little? I do. I thought it was the best thing in the whole world when my siblings and I would gather a huge pile of books, and my mom would cuddle on the couch with us and read the WHOLE pile. I remember I was SO excited when she said we could read all of them. There was nowhere I would rather be than reading books with my mom.

I also loved when my mom would make play dough with us, let us do her hair, and build awesome snow forts for us in the winter.  

You know what would be super awesome? Having pictures of that special time together. Time passes quickly, memories fade, and there are so many details I don't remember at all.  

An "everyday" photo shoot might seem a little weird at first. No coordinated outfits, no bribing the kids to smile, and no posing. But I am so in love with these sessions because they tell the story of your life. They capture the small, seemingly insignificant details of your life that will someday become your most treasured memories.