Welcoming Baby Simon

Five years ago my husband and I took our brand new baby girl to a photo studio to get our first "official" family pictures taken. 

Honestly, I treasure those photos. And every single other photo shoot we've done. Because I love pictures and think they are important. 

But something my husband said afterwards has been stuck in my head ever since. He said "I wish we had pictures that were more US."

Now, five years later, THESE are the kind of pictures I wish I had to document that time in my life. 

Pictures that captured not only our faces, but the home we brought our baby to and the love that surrounded her there. What our life looked like and felt like during that stage. 

I have to confess that before this session I thought I'd be pretty content having all girls. But now I feel like I need a boy. Have you ever seen cuter little boys?? I haven't. My camera couldn't stay away from them. 

Baby Simon is so lucky to be born into such a beautiful, warm, loving family, and I feel so lucky to have been able to document this special time for them.