All Together

2 parents, 9 kids (+spouses), and 23 grandkids with 2 on the way. 

It isn't very often that they are all together in the same place, but when they are it is a party! I was lucky enough to spend a beautiful November afternoon right before Thanksgiving with this big, beautiful family and document some of their time spent at Grandma and Grandpa's house. 

After taking some group photos I hung out while everyone played, made snowflakes, and enjoyed hot chocolate with sprinkles. I felt like a kid at a candy store with so much chaos and so many fun moments happening everywhere I turned. 

I hope that years from now when they are flipping through photo albums and come across these pictures, lots of treasured memories will come flooding back and they will remember what it felt like to be all together.

If you love the idea of un-conventional extended family photos that preserve your memories of time spent together (so you don't have to be behind a camera the whole time), get in touch! I'd love to answer any questions you might have.