At Home | Rockwood Family

Why do I love photographing families at home? Because of impromptu kitchen dance parties, cuddling on the couch, the chaos and laughter that comes with kids, and the occasional quiet, tender moments. Because in their own homes kids (and adults) are more comfortable to be themselves. Because I get to capture the natural family dynamics and precious moments that only happen at home. Because the pictures aren't posed, forced, or orchestrated. They are just you, and your family- as you are. Real, imperfect, and beautiful. 

20 years from now, these might just be the pictures you treasure the most. And right now, when you are still in the thick of parenting, these might be the pictures that give you more of an appreciation for the beautiful moments that make up your everyday, and remind you why you do everything you do. 

Thank you, Rockwood Family, for inviting me into your home to photograph your beautiful family- just as you are. :)