Family Session Questionnaire

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You've booked a family session! Hooray! I can't wait.

My goal is to capture honest, beautiful photos that document the love your family shares- AND to have a good time while doing it.

A few things to remember before your session:

Kids are happier when they are well fed and rested (me too!), but especially when Mom and Dad are happy. If you are stressed, they'll feel it. So, relax! The outfits really, really aren't the most important part of your session. Pinky promise. Feeling relaxed and having fun together is the most important part. Try to make that the priority, give lots of extra love and attention to your kids (and spouse) during the session, and let's make it a happy experience for everyone! 

That being said, I have a few "what to wear" guidelines.

Most importantly, wear comfortable clothes you feel like yourself in. Avoid super bright, neon colors (tricky to edit), and avoid big logos or words on shirts. That's it! 

Finally, I know that kids will be kids. Don't stress about it! I'm used to going with the flow and making the most of it. Also, sometimes your kids might respond a little better to me than you. (Sorry!) This means (depending on the child) I might request to take portraits of them on their own, without you standing over my shoulder. This can yield more natural expressions instead of forced smiles. ;) 

That's it! Now if you'll just answer the questions below, I'll be able to get to know your family a little better and make sure I capture what you want to remember most.

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